ASLEC American Sign Language
Education and Communications

ASLEC offers classes in Sign Language and Deaf Culture to Deaf and hearing students throughout Atlantic Canada and in the Ottawa area.

Do you…

  • want to learn Sign Language?
  • want the opportunity to communicate with Deaf people?
  • want to understand the Culture of the Deaf?

Does your organization…

  • serve people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing?
  • want to promote equity with all your clients and workers?
  • want to improve your community image?

What is ASL?

ASL (American Sign Language) is the cultural language used by Deaf people in Canada and throughout North America. It is a visual gestural language.

What is Deaf Culture?

Deaf Culture, the result of a common heritage, a shared experience, a multi-generational history and a unique language, binds Deaf Canadians together as a unique cultural group.

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Learning ASL opened the lines of communication again between my family and me. I gained welcome, support and insight into a whole community of people that previously had been closed — due to a language barrier. It widened my horizons and opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Caitlin Commanda deafened adult

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